Plastic car body repair

Tools and equipment for car bumpers repair and polymer plastic parts on car body such as linear breaks, holes or rebuilding plastic parts and bumper holders.
The product range is made of plastic welding machines supplied with compressed air and nitrogen gas, complete trolley workstations, polymeric plastic consumables, drills for installation of parking sensors on bumpers, accessories and various consumables for modelling plastic parts.

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Plastic welding machines

Welders for polymeric plastic repair on car body, supplied with nitrogen gas.

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Welder for polymeric plastic repair on car body, supplied with compressed air.


Plastic repair trolley set

Trolley compositions for plastic car body repair equipped with MWM Nitrogen plastic welding machines, plastic welding consumables and accessories for refinishing and modelling plastic parts.

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Drills set for parking sensors installation

Consumables for plastic welding and repair

Complete range of plastic welding consumables needed during plastic parts repair and made of consumables of most used polymers in the car and vehicle body industry, precisely:

  • TPO
  • ABS
  • GTX

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Standard staples and pre-engraved staples for repairing plastic parts.

MWM holds a European patent protecting the production and distribution of all pre-engraved staples on the market.

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