Products | 11-03-2020

Numero 5 - Fast installation pulling tower

Designed to reach a pulling traction force up to 550 Kg it is counterbalanced by the pulling of a metal plate anchoring to the ground through pneumatic depression.

Dimensions and weight are very limited 35x55x165cm, 20 Kg, easily portable and it can be used on any material needed to be repaired as steel, aluminium, via spotwelding or hotmelt glue

Pulling force wide adjustability at all different positions up to mt. 1,65 in height allows usage in high applications as roof pillars and in low as door sills.

Pulling force can be gradually applied through a belt driven manual hoist so allowing a very progressive and precise repair suitable for any long term successful timelife.

Supplied together with the basic usage components (hook gripping head, eyebolts and hooks) to be eventually completed with the MWM product range suitable to fit the necessary repair conditions (multipads, washers, bolts).

Code: 32880




STEEL EXTENSION 70 cm to increase pulling tower height up to 2,20 m so to allow truck and van roof repairs; code: 3288088

ALUMINUM FAST CLAMP with steel and aluminum slip welding plates dimension 80X 25/40/75 mm; code 3288089



Product overview

Pulling tower with Glue pulling repair

Pulling tower with 2AX Multipads