Equipment for car body repair

Dent repair pulling systems on car body in steel, aluminium and plastic differning according to the type of damage to repair. MWM product range covers damages of small dimensions, as hail damages, up to big damages offering tools such as Pulling tower, pulling bars and slide hammers.

Additionally, MWM provides pneumatic tools for panels refinishing and repairing set up as pneumatic sander and cutter, pneumatic hacksaw and pneumatic belt sanders. 

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Manual pulling systems for panel repair

Pulling system with pneumatic depression plate for floor anchoring developed for fast installation car body repair. Full adaptability and flexibility to be used both on steel and aluminium panels for traditional spot welding repair as well as for advanced glue pulling repair. The pulling tower can be adjusted on 15 different positions in height up to maximum 170cm and with pulling force of 550kg.

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Pulling bars for dent car body repair, fully adjustable and customizable.

Pulling bar can be equipped with revolving fast puller or tie-rod with slider, single hook or multiple gripping hooks, single foot base and double foot base and different lenght pulling bar.

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Battery pulling systems

Automotive trolleys for bodyshop

In MWM product range are available a selection of bodyshops' trolleys and tools holders, mobile workstation, multiuse extensive trolley to hold panels, car bonnet and bumpers.

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Bodyshop pneumatic tools

Pneumatic tools for panel work and car body repair, precisely: pneumatic sander and cutter, pneumatic hacksaw, pneumatic welding spot drill and pneumatic belt sanders. 

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