Products | 03-01-2023

Compensation Kit Numero 5

NUMERO 5 – Fast installation pulling tower allowing repair on steel or aluminum panels and frames thanks to its traction force pulling reaching 550 kg.
This high traction while carrying out some extreme repairs, on some structural pulls can even lead to the vehicle moving.
For this reason, MWM have engineered and developed the Compensation Kit, with the goal to anchor the vehicle to the floor so to carry out without limitations the needed tractional pulling force.

The kit comprises X Plate – recently developed pneumatic depression metal plate with relevant silencer and pulling synthetic belt with 2 hooks.

The COMPENSATION KIT is operated very easily : once the hooks are placed on the opposite sides of the belt, by using metal clamp always available in Car Body Repair Workshop, one is anchored to the vehicle frame and the other one to the X Plate – pneumatic depression metal plate anchored to the floor.

Moreover, Connection and extension kit for Compressed Air is available to use just one air connection for both plates with no power loss, splitting and extending the compressed air already used for the operation of NUMERO 5. 

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